What to expect at 300 Church?

New Visitor Parking

We reserve the best parking spots for first time guests. You will see these spots clearly marked with yard signs in front of the main entrance as you drive in. Please take advantage of them!

Coffee & Breakfast 9:00 AM

When you first arrive at 300 Church you will be greeted by our smiling 300 members. You will make you way down to Coffee House. Here you will find Coffee & Breakfast.

300Kids Check In 9:45 AM

Once you have had all you could eat and all the coffee you desired, if you have little ones you can head back down the hall where you will see the Kids Check In sign. Here you will be greeted by one of the Kids Ministry Leaders. At check in they will print out a slip with your Childs name on it then hand you the matching slip. Hang on to this slip for check out.

Worship & Service 10:00 AM

If you don’t have any kids that fine! You get to hang out in the coffee house a little longer then most. We open the doors to the sanctuary around 9:45 for seating. Feel free to bring your coffee with you! We allow you to drink in the Sanctuary.

Next Steps

We would love to get know you more, and learn how we can serve you. Please fill out a connect card and drop it in the offering bucket, or click the button below to do one now!